Batch #16 – Somertime ipa

Batch#16 – Somertime ipa


Date Brew:3/24/2014 Rack:0/00/0000 Bottle:4/24/2014


somertime Session ipa


Hoppiness is an IPA, Brewing Classic Styles


Make a sessionable IPA that is still satisfying. Ideally around 4% ABV. The last few beers we made were creeping up above 7% and will sneak up on you if you put a few back. This will still have a clean hoppy taste, but not be a day-wrecker. I took the BCS recipe above and tweaked it in beersmith in order to have lower fermentables. I honestly don’t remember what else I did to it.

Brew Notes:

30 minute boil. Substitutions: Zythos for Centennial, Falconer’s Flight for Amarillo. No ice used to cool. Sink water was filled up and left to sit while we bottled the DIPA. Two packets Safale US-05 dry yeast. 6gal carboy.

Recipe 1.033 1.004 3.80%
Recorded 1.040 1.006 4.45%

Fermentation notes:

We did not rehydrate the yeast prior to pitching. Fermentation seemed pretty slow to chris, but possibly it was due to the beer having half of the usual fermentables?

Bottling notes:


SommerTimeIPA Label

Labeled with lawnmower somertime labels.

Tasting notes:

The previous batch had a very light carb, so Ross’ stash will be left upstairs where it is warmer until 5/8 to carb up in order to test temp on carb effect.

4/29 (5 days in the bottle) we tasted our first bottle. It was still under carbed (duh) but it had a pretty good, clean flavor. ¬†We were both surprised by the bitterness vs fresh hop aroma. There was a significant bitterness to it, and very little floral or citrus notes. This wasn’t dry hopped so I don’t know why were expecting more, but it did surprise us both.


Making session beers is a nice way to offer some variety in the pipeline. This will be a great after-work beer, and it won’t send you to bed if consumed in moderation.