Batch #26 – Bourbon Brown Ale

Batch# 26 – Bourbon Brown Ale

Date Brew:10/27/2014 Rack:7/24/2014 Bottle:12/2/2014
Days 22 36



Nut Brown Ale extract kit from Northern Brewer promo, with oaked bourbon added.


Jack up a simple extract kit with some booze and oak.

Brew Notes:

Recipe 1.044 1.012 4.2%
Recorded 1.048 1.014 4.4%

This beer was brewed in Ross’s awesome dual-element electric kettle on his back porch.  To start, we basically just followed the kit instructions , which included some liquid extract and specialty grains for steeping.  The only significant difference may have been that we did a full boil instead of following the standard partial boil approach per instructions.  The reason for this is too avoid having high gravity boil (a lot of malt extract in a little amount of water), which could potentially result in scalding/scorching/buildup on the heating elements.

Nothing too notable about the brew up to this point, other than the fact that Ross’s electric kettle is a beast, and can bring water up to temp like you read about.  We nearly had a boil-over with both elements on and just needed one to keep things at a nice bubbling boil.

Bottling time is where we mixed things up a bit.  We soaked an arbitrary amount of oak chips in about a cup or two of bourbon for a week or so before bottling:


The idea here was to extract some oaky-ness from the chips, then toss the bourbon in with the fermented beer before bottling it.  In sampling the beer post-fermentation, pre-bourbon addition, I was pleased with the clean character and the hint of nutty and toasty found in a typical nut brown ale.  So, starting with a decent beer was a good sign.


Safale S-04 Ale Yeast



Bottling notes:

Pink caps.


Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 2.37.53 PM

Tasting notes:

The first thing we noticed about this beer is that while the bourbon flavor is there, the oak flavor itself does not come through strongly.   Otherwise, it has a pretty nice round flavor with the hint of bourbon.  Nice carb, slightly creamy.  We are noticing a little banana-like flavor more recently as well.