Batch #30 – Chinook Smash

Batch# 30 – Chinook SMaSH

Date Brew:12/15/2014 Rack:1/1/2015 Bottle:1/4/2015
Days 0 17 20


This is the same recipe as the BYO Citra SMaSH, but I swapped out Chinook for Citra. I love the Citra recipe, so it may make for a fun exploratory hop line.


Play around with hops a bit and see how one change affects the beer.

Brew Notes:

Recipe 1.060 1.012 6.3%
Recorded 1.060 1.010 6.6%


US-O5, 2 dry packets


None, but yeast was rehydrated in 2 cups of 100F water for the entire brew session.

Fermentation notes:

It was a slow start. My house isn’t very warm in the winter and my basement is even cooler. I kept this batch upstairs next to our furnace but I think the cool daytime temps slowed the yeast progress. I have two batches downstairs with fermwrap on them, and I feel I may need to do the same with future winter batches.

Bottling notes:

Oof. I bottled this batch by myself, and it was a bit of an adventure. I used the autosiphon to bottle from the (non-pressurized) corny keg. It worked out reasonably well, but having to switch from filling to capping to washing to casing was a pain. 4 or so bottles were filled before I realized that they probably didnt have any carb sugar in them. There was enough tubing volume between the filler and the keg that they didn’t get any of the sugar mixture. We’ll see!


Tasting notes:

At first tasting (bottling) I was really surprised by the high level of bitterness. With 1 oz boiling for 60 minutes it is not surprising that it is bitter, but I feel I didn’t taste that in the Citra version.