Batch #28 – ApfelWine

Batch# 28 – ApfelWine (AKA apfelwein)

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Here is EdWort’s recipe. It’s also mentioned here in popular mechanics?!

I don’t know much about how this recipe tastes, but I know that the forums seem to be going insane over it. The only way to find out is to brew some! It’s a pretty cheap and super easy recipe, so here goes nothing!


Put something in the fermenter on a day that we were doing a double-batch bottle and some other housekeeping.

Brew Notes:

Just in case you didn’t read the recipe above, This is one step away from making prison hooch. Simply pour the apple juice into the fermenter and pour the sugar in as well. Lastly, add the yeast.

This yeast doesn’t have any krausen, so it’s a perfect choice for fermenting in a keg. We hedged our bet and put a half batch in a 5-gallon keg.


no sir


Montrachet wine yeast.

Fermentation notes:

Despite the basement being 55ish degrees right now, this batch is chugging away. I’m going to let it sit for a bit, so it doesn’t need to have a fast ferment as long as it finishes.

After a month or so of chugging away, progress slowed. I put fermwrap on the keg and insulated that. It is actually controlled by the same STC that is monitoring the Sour experiment, so it is keeping it around 65F.

Bottling notes:


Tasting notes: