Batch #22 – BYO SMaSH Citra IPA

Batch# 22 – SMaSH Citra IPA

Date Brew:7/22/2014 Rack:7/24/2014 ttle:7/25/2014
Days 0 22 23


BYO Magazine issue Vol 20, #4

PDF from Beersmith

If you don’t have a subscription to BYO, you should. They have great articles that apply to homebrew, and they don’t get overly bogged down in commercial beer stuff. I really look forward to every new issue.

BYO Magazine


Work on a simple SMaSH IPA and better understand the flavor that the hop and malt provide.

Brew Notes:

We brewed this at Ross’s house. Used the wort chiller. Bagged the hops and irish moss. We pitched most of the hot break due to brulosophy’s recent experiments on trub and the effect on finished beer. The only reason we didn’t pitch all of the boil volume in was because this guy…


…forgot to put the last hop addition in the bag. Oh well. It’ll still be beer!


One cool thing that we did today is we tested for starch conversion. That means after 60 minutes we tested the wort with an iodine test in order to see if we needed to mash for any longer. We didn’t! Next time we are going to do more frequent tests and minimize the mash time as much as possible.


If we still had starch left, it would have shown up as blue, as opposed to black.

Recipe 1.06 1.012 6.4%
Recorded 1.056 1.013 5.6%

*slightly over on volume



2 packs of us-05. Rehydrated in pyrex measuring cup with 100 degree water. The bloom was noticeable compared to the usual yeast rise. Measuring is important if you want to hit a certain temperature!



No starter.

Fermentation notes:

For whatever reason this beer was pitched hot. My notes say the ground temp was 77, and we stopped cooling at 81. Once we put the wort in the bucket, it went in the ironman cooler overnight. The next morning the airlock water was at 60, and the beer was much cooler than that. Cooler was turned off and bucket went slowly up to 70 degrees (room temp in the basement) Ferm didn’t really start until 24h after pitching.

Bottling notes:

Red caps with 23 on them. It is really hard to write the right numbers on these caps – this was batch #22.


Tasting notes:

Tastes great at bottling. Subtle peach aroma, and nice bitterness. Very clean flavor. Due to the cold crashing it was really nice to be sampling cold beer.

More notes to follow once the beer carbs up.


This really came out great. It is clean, hoppy, and super fresh tasting. I’m interested in doing more SMaSH beers in the future. I was surprised how much hop aroma the 1-2 day dry hop ended up giving it as well.