Batch #23 – Hop Hammer

Batch# 23 – Hop Hammer

Date Brew:7/26/2014 Rack:0/00/0000 Bottle:0/00/0000
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Brewing Classic Styles, Hop Hammer. We previously brewed this in batch #15. This is our first re-brew of this recipe, but this time we are doing it as all-grain. I didn’t end up putting this recipe into beersmith because I was lazy.


Recreate the big DIPA that we knew and loved last time around (, but with more complicated ingredients this time!)

Brew Notes:

Recipe 1.080 1.010 9.2%
Recorded 1.078 1.000 0.00%


US-05 harvested from the Citra SMaSH


No starter, 2.3 cups from a mason jar that had settled overnight in the fridge.

Brew Notes:

Well, we forgot to add the wheat to the mash. We also almost forgot to add the sugar. Half of the sugar was added at knockout, half boiled separately and added during wort chilling. A campden tablet was used. 

The wort chiller was used for the first time at ross’s house, and the hose clamp came off and sprayed water everywhere.

It was roughly 3 hours from first mash to cutting the heat. Chilling prob took another 30 minutes.

Fermentation notes:

After pitching, it was crash cooled in the ironman overnight, then left to rise to ambient (70). 48h after pitching it was bubbling at ~28 bubbles per minute.

Bottling notes:


Tasting notes: