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ExBEERiment #1 – Intentional Oxidation

This ExBEERiment is intentional oxidation.

Similar to split batches, exBEERiments are ways of testing things (generally in the bottle) that you’ve read or heard of, but never seen first-hand. You might lose a bottle or two in the process, but hopefully you’ll learn a lot more!


At bottling time for the Vienna Lager we intentionally aerated the heck out of the last 2 bottles. We then marked them carefully (different color caps, sharpie label on the cap AND electrical tape on the neck of the bottle!) and put them away with the rest to carb up. I think it’ll probably take some time for the beer to develop noticeable off flavors, so maybe we’ll wait a month or so for the first bottle, then two for the second. We’ll pair it up with a non-aerated bottle that has been kept under the same conditions and do a tasting.


Once the time has passed I’ll put my notes here.

*I saw that great term (exBEERiment) on a blog a while back and it was just too good to not steal it!