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exBEERiment #2: dry-hopping corona in the bottle

This ExBEERiment is: Dry hopping corona in the bottle.

Similar to split batches, exBEERiments are ways of testing things (generally in the bottle) that you’ve read or heard of, but never seen first-hand. You might lose a bottle or two in the process, but hopefully you’ll learn a lot more!

We’ve started to build up a big supply of half bags of different hops, and were thinking of doing a “stone soup” beer with them. Then we decided to do this instead. We grabbed a 6 pack of the lightest beer we could find in a pop top bottle (corona) and dry hopped each bottle. We re-capped, then waited 1 week and did a tasting.


Adding different dry hops to a bland base beer will help illustrate the benefits of dry hopping with each variety.


Dry hop 6 bottles of corona and re-cap them. Wait 1 week and drink them side-by-side and note differences.

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